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Urban Cycling as a Spiritual Practice


This is the reason I love cycling. It’s much more than the simple action of taking me from one place to another. It does transport me from place to place with beautiful views and plenty of people to smile at, but I also spread love with every pedal forward. I love being exposed to the elements so I can look others in the eye and send them support for their suffering. I use my bicycle to explore the world in which I live in, to help others, and not to mention save the earth. Every person I meet on the road I wish them happiness and freedom. This includes all the people who honk at me or yell for me to move out of the way, may they be free as well. I love cycling because it is in the purest form, an expression of love for all who may encounter me. I’ll take the wrecks, falls, and broken bones if it means just a little more peace for those searching for happiness in the world. I love practicing mindfulness on my bike because in NYC you pretty much have to. If you lose that awareness for just a moment, the universe will remind you. It’s a process of becoming one with the bike and following the eb and flow of the road and your breathing. Letting go, and being simply on the seat, moving through the dream.

I also love not giving MTA any money and getting my exercise in on the commute. Next time you see a cyclist on the road. Smile at them.

To the Beach yall

zen beach

I’m heading to the coast for my Aunt’s wedding tomorrow. Looking forward to having some AM yoga & meditation on the beach then some cycling to follow. Should be a nice Zen experience, and I think it’s what I need most now.

After that I’ll be around my family, which will no doubt test my patience. There lies the perfect opportunity to practice mindfulessness and stay in the complete moment of reality. I will approach each new situation with compassion, only good things can come from that.

I am so happy for my Aunt. Her dreams are coming true, and I believe it’s about time for her. She’s been through a lot, and I could not be more thrilled for her.

I’m about to pack up my bike & car and head to Padre. See everyone when I arrive.